Personal Statement


I'm a native of New York City and have resided in Northern California (mostly the San Francisco Bay area) for one third of my life. I consider myself eclectic in my tastes. I enjoy many kinds of foods and am an avid movie fan. Drama and adventure movies head the list of my favorite categories, although almost any movie with a solid story line is usually appreciated. I'm a self-taught visual artist and have worked in various media such as: oil, watercolor, pastel, ink, pen, pencil, and charcoal. Photography is something I do very well and nature shots are my specialty. I have fairly extensive training as a musician. I write and arrange, and although I'm no virtuoso I play several instruments including recorders, guitar, and piano. I like to stay in shape and work out almost every day.
My philosophy of Web production is simple. I believe in presenting a message, product, person, or concept in a sparse and visually pleasing manner. Personally, I generally don't like to visit, crowded, confusing Web sites. That vast area of cyberspace known as the World Wide Web contains, in my opinion, too many overdone Websites. Conversely, there are a large number of well-built Websites. Aesthetically, I'm a subscriber of the didactic stance in Web design: an enjoyable yet informative experience. The old saying less is more remains a constant in my mind as I approach the unique challenges of any given project.